How to Prepare for a Road Trip

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Are you looking to get outside Omaha and onto the open road? We’re here to help! Planning a road trip shouldn’t be stressful, and as long as you follow a few key tips and tricks, you’ll be ready to hit the road in no time. The service team at Honda of Lincoln has compiled four of the most important things to keep in mind when prepping for a road trip in the guide below!

Four Ways to Prepare Your Car for a Road Trip

Plan for the Season

No matter the time of year, road trips are a great way to get out of Gretna for some much-needed relaxation! Whether you’re going skiing or swimming, it’s important that you take some steps to plan for the season that you’re traveling. If your road trip is in the dead of summer, you’ll want to stock up on water, get ahold of a cooler and ice packs, and bring along some battery-powered fans in case you run into trouble with the air conditioner. If you’re traveling in winter, be sure to bring chains, an ice scraper, blankets, and other ways to keep warm if you run off the road due to icy conditions.

Map Out the Route

Chances are you’ve probably already checked out a map of the route you want to take to your destination, but there are some checkpoints you’ll want to make note of as well as the directions. If you’re driving a gas-powered car or hybrid, look for the most convenient gas stations on your route so you can fill back up. If you’re driving an electric car, make a list of the closest public charging stations. You should also look for service stations near your route just in case your car runs into any problems.

Get Your Car Checked Out

It’s important that your car is in the best condition possible before you hit the road, so an essential part of road trip preparation is having it inspected beforehand. Have a professional service technician check your brakes, batteries, tires, lights, air filters, and windshield wipers. Top off any fluids that need replenishing, such as transmission fluid or brake fluid.

Make Sure You Have Essential Items

Wherever and whenever you’re going on your road trip, there are some essential items you need to have in your car. These include:

  • First aid kit
  • Plenty of water and nonperishable food
  • Batteries
  • Seasonal clothes (see above)
  • Relevant documents – insurance, registration, car title, licenses, etc.
  • Spare tire
  • USB chargers for mobile devices
  • Jumper cables and roadside flares

Keep Up With Honda of Lincoln for More Road Trip Preparation!

For more information on how to prepare your car for a road trip, feel free to contact our office! You can also stop by our dealership near Bellevue to talk to a member of our team in person. If you want to get your car inspected by one of our service technicians before embarking on your trip, you can schedule a service appointment right from our website. And be sure to keep an eye on our service specials if you’re interested in saving on your appointment!


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