What Color is Brake Fluid?

Mechanic checking brake fluid
Does your car take longer to come to a stop than it used to take? And what about that spot on the floor of your garage? Is that brake fluid? What color is brake fluid? What does brake fluid look like? You have questions. We have answers. Our service department has helped plenty of Lincoln customers just like yourself sort out their brake problems. So, check out this handy guide on how to check brake fluid!

What Does Brake Fluid Look Like?

Contaminated brake fluid can interfere with the function of your brakes. You can tell if it’s contaminated by the color. What color is brake fluid when it is contaminated? Usually it turns dark brown or black when contaminated. So, what does brake fluid look like normally? What color is brake fluid when it’s not contaminated? Brake fluid is normally clear with a slight yellow tint.

How to Check Brake Fluid

We want you to be safe on our Omaha roads. That means you should check your brake fluid from time to time. Here’s our guide on how to check brake fluid:

  • Find the brake fluid reservoir. It is usually a small, shallow plastic container with a large black cap that sits on the top of your engine.
  • Check the fluid level. You should see two lines on the side of the reservoir, one marked “minimum”, and the other marked “maximum”. The fluid should rest between the two lines. If it’s below the bottom line, it’s time to fill.
  • Check the fluid’s color. Contaminated fluid needs to be flushed. What color is brake fluid when it needs to be flushed? That would be dark brown or black. Schedule an appointment with us to get your brakes flushed.

Get Your Brakes Serviced at Honda of Lincoln

You don’t need to guess about what color your brake fluid is supposed to be. The experts at Honda of Lincoln are here to help. We make it easy for you to get your car serviced. And while you’re here, you might as well check out our service coupons. We’re just a short drive away from both Gretna and Bellevue, so drop by or contact us today!

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