What is a Hybrid Car?

2022 Honda CR-V Hybrid

Maybe, like a lot of Lincoln drivers, you’re thinking about making the switch to a hybrid car, meaning you either want to save on gas, help the environment, or both. That’s admirable. But what is a hybrid car? A hybrid car uses an electric motor to aid the combustion engine and increase fuel efficiency. How does it differ from an electric vehicle? We go into a more detailed hybrid car definition below for the answers.

What is a Hybrid Car, Exactly?

There are different types of vehicles that use an alternate form of power: hybrids, plug-in hybrids, fuel cells, and electric vehicles. So, what is a hybrid car? To give a detailed hybrid car definition, we have to address how such a vehicle is powered. Both an electric motor and a gasoline combustion engine will always be found under the hood of a hybrid car, meaning that the vehicle is powered by a blend of gasoline and electricity. There are different types of hybrid cars, but they all feature a combination of an electric motor and gas engine.

Types of Hybrid Cars

  • Series Hybrid – In this type of hybrid, power flows from the gas engine to the electric motor, which moves the wheels. This type of hybrid isn’t all that common anymore.
  • Parallel Hybrid – In this type of hybrid, both the gas engine and electric motor directly power the wheels. This is the more common type of hybrid.
  • Plug-In Hybrid – This is basically a type of parallel hybrid car, meaning that the main difference is an extra power back that extends the electric range of the car, increases fuel efficiency, and allows the vehicle to run for a short distance in electric-only mode. And, as the name suggests, these cars can be plugged in to charge. They also offer even better gas mileage, making for the most economical Omaha commute.

Which Honda Vehicles are Hybrid?

Honda hybrid vehicles push the limits of the typical “hybrid car” definition, in that they offer exceptional performance and are packed with great features. Here’s a list of the current lineup:

Come Check Out the Hybrid Vehicles at Honda of Lincoln

Are you ready to reap the fuel savings a hybrid car can offer? Come test drive the quality Honda hybrid vehicles on our lot and see for yourself how well they perform. While you’re at it, check out our Honda Special Offers. We’re conveniently located near both Gretna and Bellevue. So, drop by or contact us today.

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