2025 Honda Passport: Everything We Know About the Redesigned Midsize SUV

February 28th, 2024 by

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The Pilot SUV with two rows instead of three? It’s back, and better.

2025 Honda Passport front view render

With just over a half decade under its wheels, and having resurrected the Passport name in Honda’s lineup, the current Honda Passport is getting a total makeover for 2025. This update will be like the one its three-row sister vehicle—the Pilot—received in 2023. While the current Passport’s life span is not tremendously long in the scheme of things, it’s a bit longer than usual for a Honda model; stir in the major updates given to the closely related Pilot for the 2024 model year, and we expect to see significant changes to the Passport. Here’s everything we know and expect to see on the 2025 Honda Passport, essentially the two-row version of the three-row Pilot SUV:

Improved Chassis And Muscled-Up Body

Today’s Passport could use some improvements, and not merely due to age. Look for better styling similar to that of the newest Pilot—again, as before, the Passport is expected to be largely identical to the Pilot from the rear wheels forward. Also like before, it should ride on the same wheelbase, but have its tail clipped in length; after all, with no need to support a third-row seat (that’s the Pilot’s job), the two-row Passport will be stubbier overall.

Just as Honda did with the Pilot, some of the same improvements in road and wind noise suppression, in-cabin tech, and chassis refinements are expected for the Passport.

Off-Road Performance

Another Pilot improvement expected to make the jump to the Passport? An altogether more focused and capable off-road-focused TrailSport trim level. The current version of the Passport TrailSport is little more than a stopgap design package that includes better tires for dirt road driving, a slight suspension lift, and little else. A more thorough off-road upgrade was always slated for the next-gen Passport, just like with the Pilot.

And so it will be—with a new chassis and new electronics package, the 2025 Passport TrailSport likely will transform into a much better off-roader, just like we saw with the latest Pilot TrailSport. No, it won’t suddenly morph into a Jeep Wrangler fighter on the trails, but it could well go toe-to-toe with other two-row SUVs and wagons with above-average dirt capabilities such the Grand Cherokee, Kia Sorento X-Pro, and Subaru Outback Wilderness. Look out for new parts like skid plates, TrailWatch cameras, a better Trail drive move, and a better AWD system made to really work on body-twisting terrain. Since it’s the most interesting Passport variant, we chose to render it here for you (above and below, in blue).

2025 Honda Passport rear view render


Just like with the Pilot, don’t expect to see a hybrid version of the Passport to suddenly come to fruition—even with this redesign. While it’d be nice to see a hybrid option with this new chassis, even an upgraded version of the Accord sedan’s 2.0-liter I-4 with more powerful motors for something closer to 290 lb-ft of torque and an all-electric drive mode, don’t hold your breath.

Instead the same gas-fed 3.5-liter V-6 packaged with the same 10-speed automatic that the Pilot gets is the most likely motivator. This isn’t a bad thing, as this engine and transmission work well enough in Honda’s larger three-row Pilot SUV. It’s powerful and its larger displacement and additional gear don’t lead to a buzzy interior. It does tend to upshift early for fuel economy, but remember, this is fundamentally a family SUV; if you’re in a hurry, it doesn’t hesitate to downshift when you demand more torque.


The interior will also see some improvements for the 2025 model, carrying over some of the elements we’ve seen in the Prologue (minus the GM influence) and, more directly, the latest Pilot. In fact, don’t expect any real differences between the Passport’s dashboard and the Pilot’s—which, sadly, probably means Honda will port over the Pilot’s smallish 9.0-inch touchscreen. There is room in the Pilot’s dash for a larger screen, and Honda has a 12.3-inch touchscreen available—the Accord sedan has it. Something like that will really come in handy when using those TrailWatch cameras in the TrailSport model. Hopefully Honda will add the 10.2-inch fully digital gauge cluster display from the top-shelf Pilot trims, too.

While it might not have the Pilot’s body length, the 2025 Honda Passport won’t skimp on cargo room, since it won’t have the need to store a third-row seat. We expect to see the same second-row design as the Pilot, which means a middle-row center seat that can be stowed under the cargo floor. This will create pseudo-captain’s chairs on models so equipped, and we hope Honda finds a way to make it easier to remove and handle over what’s in the Odyssey and the Pilot.

What To Expect From The 2025 Honda Passport

001 2024 Honda Passport TrailSport AWD

If you were a fan of the Pilot’s 2023 redesign but have no need for three rows of seats, you’re going to love the 2025 Passport. If you were hoping for a hybrid powertrain, you’re not going to find it from the “smaller Pilot,” but you might find a surprisingly good off-road SUV in the Passport TrailSport. If you don’t opt for that, you’ll still get a premium-feeling, two-row SUV from Honda that will rival the likes of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Subaru Outback, and maybe even the Toyota 4Runner.

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